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Strong women deserve strong socials. 

You are the heart and soul of your business. The idea machine, the executor, the mentor and the make it happen person. 

Do you need to add social media manager to the job description?
We don’t think so. 

What we do think is that you deserve the best representation of your vision. You deserve to reach the audience you started in the game for. You deserve to build an authentic community full of people who will support you AND your brand. 

And you deserve to be unbothered by it. 

ALEX - content manager

I’m a Plymouth native at heart. Someone who loves community, supporting local, and uplifting the businesses that make my hometown so special. After four years living and working in Boston for a creative marketing agency, I am bringing my experience in operations, content creation, social media management, influencer marketing, paid advertising, and more BACK to the South Shore. When I’m not scouring social media for the latest trend, I like to be unplugged and present in nature, spending quality time with family and friends, and teaching fitness classes at a local studio. I recently joined the powerhouse team of females at Valoisa and am excited to create some magic!

SARAH JANE - owner + CEO

First and foremost, I am grateful and so glad you're here! Since its inception in January 2021, Valoisa has been revolutionizing the game for female business owners on the South Shore, elevating their social media presence with creative and innovative ideas. I am passionate about empowering business owners to spark success for their business in the realm of social media. When I'm not busy lighting up the digital world, I'm hanging out in Plymouth with my incredibly supportive hubby, Mike, and two vivacious girls, Lumi & Eevi. Thank you for being here and to my incredible team and clients for making Valoisa Media possible.  


and get #unbothered by social media with Valoisa.

PRISCILLA - project manager

Priscilla's passion for marketing shines brighter than the summer sun on Plymouth Beach. She lives for all things beach, sand, sun. She is currently enjoying her final semester at Bridgwwater State University where she will obtain a Bachelors of Management & Marketing. From crafting captivating campaigns to diving deep into consumer behavior, she finds joy in every aspect of the marketing journey. With her creative flair and strategic mindset, she's always ready to make waves in the industry. As she embraces her role as Project Manager at Valoisa, she's ready to light up the marketing world with her enthusiasm and expertise. Let the adventure begin!



Valoisa means bright light. That’s what we strive to embody in everything we do. We women wear A LOT of hats in life and in business. Every day is a gift that we get to work with amazing business women just like you! When you’re ready, reach out and let’s bring your socials up to your level! 


Services We Provide

Social Media Management

Your lifeline to your ideal customer, our strategy focuses on saving you time, elevating your brand and most importantly, being present! We develop your aesthetic, your style and your reach.

Content Creation

Think of it as the morning espresso for your socials. We create short form videos for your social platforms to draw in your audience and keep them coming back for more! Re-up with a content session whenever you need a boost!

Instagram Audit

Feeling stuck? Our IG Audit identifies areas of improvement, provides strategy for building (and keeping) your ideal community, and tangible action points to save you time, energy and help your business thrive on social!


Okay, it isn't a SERVICE, it's a requirement at Valoisa. Sure, we troubleshoot, problem solve, and screw up from time to time. But we also build, grow, empower and have a laugh while doing it all.


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